Oath of Vayuputras – The Special Attractor Factor

oath of the vayuputrasIf you are someone looking for the best take on the oath of the vayuputras, there is a lot that you have to know. First and foremost, the six hundred page book is not something that you will get to know in a jiffy. However, one thing is for sure, Amish the author has left no stone unturned when it comes to the overall making of the book. He has ensured that Shiva continues to reign as the true Indian superhero, one who has risen to the rank of God, through his deeds and actions.

Spell bounding action

One thing that you can expect from oath of vayuputras is that there will be spell bounding action at all times. Readers can literally feel the sensations that come when you are out there in the actual battle field. In case you haven’t gone through the book, there is enough in it to make it the best fictional book of the year. No wonder, all the Shiva fans who had been waiting for the release of The Oath of the Vayuputras have made sure that the book remains a super hit right from the very start. There is some nostalgia since the book is going to be the last part of the Shiva Trilogy.

Shiva, the warrior has been searching for his destiny right from the very start. Only after due course of time he realizes the special powers that have been bestowed upon him. As often remarked, with great powers come great responsibilities. Shiva finds himself in the midst of good as well as the evil and now has to decide on how to tackle the evil. But the real issue is about evil and great surprises are in store when Shiva finds out that what looks as good may hide the evil in itself. A number of mysteries are revealed all along the course of the book and readers will find that lingering element of surprise all throughout the book.

Friends turning into enemies

Since the readers are expected to know something about the first and second part, there is a great story line that goes in the making of oath of the vayuputras. If you haven’t read the number one and number two books in the Shiva Trilogy, it is time to grab your hands on the combo pack. However, even those who haven’t read the previous two parts, reading the third and the final part will still provide a great reading experience. There are several revelations that are made and the whole concept about their existence seems very interesting. Shiva is searching for his destiny and that involves fighting the evil. But what actually is evil? That is what must be discovered to understand more on the issue. Are the ones who are termed as good really on the side of the right path? Shiva has to encounter stiff opposition from several quarters, before he can understand the real meaning behind the whole issue.

The hidden enemyoath of vayuputras1

Who is the real enemy in the oath of the vayuputras? That’s what makes the third part so exciting. There is a deep sense of ingrained mystery which seems to linger about in the last part of trilogy shiva series and one can sense a real tinge of excitement all the time. Even though there are 600 pages of mind blowing stuff, readers always want more. The real enemy invokes fears in the minds of the people and Shiva has the task to save the whole of India from its wrath. How will that be done and what sacrifices are to be made for that overall process is something that readers have to discover on their own.

Unmatched craze

It is really a delight to witness the overall craze that has been generated by the release of the third part dealing with Shiva s trilogy.  Amish Tripathi, the author has surely created a miracle of sorts. Never before have we seen an Indian superhero rise so high. Indians have long accepted Lord Shiva as the ultimate warrior but a new twist has been added to the legacy of Shiva. In the Shiva Trilogy by Amish, the Lord is portrayed as a man who has risen to the rank of God through his karma.

People have accepted the story line with great spirits and this is the reason why we find the whole series to be a great hit among the masses. Bestseller rank has been assured right from the day of release and people are queuing up to get their own copies. The story is very original and we have not had something of this stature connected to Indian mythology for a long time. This is perhaps the one reason why there has been immediate interest generated for the whole series. Amish has now become a household name and he is a real inspiration for several other writers who are willing to publish their own books. The success story of Oath of Vayuputras as well as the other two books has not been created in a day. Years of hard work on developing the story line have been invested and Amish kept on persisting with the idea even though there wasn’t much of external motivation. This proves beyond doubt that when you are willing to challenge the limits, pathways are created on their own.

Oath of the vayuputras has been released worldwide. EBook and paperback versions can be purchased through several online stores. Amazon has launched the kindle version too, so US and other international readers will have absolutely no problem in getting books by Amish Tripathi immediately through electronic downloads. However, the fun and magic of reading on paperbacks is something that just cannot be compared. You are really on your own when the book is in your hands. Join in the magic of the Shiva legacy and find out about the secrets that lie ahead. There is always something to learn from Indian mythology and the book covers a lot of spiritual messages too. A great learning experience all the while you are reading the book.

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